Email : — Netgear Router IP is Netgear router’s default IP address which can be used when you’re having trouble accessing the default address or when you find that it isn’t working. This allows you to configure your router with Smart Wizard – prompting you to log into the router by using the defaults username that is admin and the default password that is password. Both the username and password are case-sensitive. After logging in, Smart Wizard lets you choose either to configure your router yourself or let it detect the type of internet connection that you have. 

Changing the Wireless Name and Password using the Netgear Router Setup (

In order to secure the network, you should change the default WiFi name and password using the Setup Wizard web interface. In this section, we will provide you with the steps for changing the wireless name and password for your Netgear router. The steps are as follows:
  •   Open the internet browser on a device that is connected to the Netgear router
  •   Type in the browser’s address bar and press enter
  •   The login page will then display asking you for the defauly username and password of the router
  •   After logging in to the router, you will be redirected to the Setup Wizard web interface
  •   The Wireless option will then be displayed on the left side of the screen – click on it
  •   You will then see your Network name (SSID) option. Input your desired username for your Network (also make sure that you do not share any private information in your chosen name of your network as the username will be visible to other devices
  •   You will see the password (network key) option under the network name. You can then input your desired password for your network – make sure that your desired password is strong so that it will be hard for other people to guess
  •   To save the changes that you have just made, click Apply

Assigning an IP address to a specific computer or device using

For the old (Smart Wizard) router interface

  •   Log in to your router using the IP address
  •   Under Advanced, click LAN setup
  •   Under Address Reservation, click Add
  •   Input the IP address which is, the MAC address of the device, and a name describing the device in the spaces provided
  •   Click Add to save the information

For the new (Netgear genie) router interface

  •   Log in to your router using the IP address
  •   Click Attached Devices under the BASIC tab to acquire the IP address that the device or omputer is currently using
  •   Go to LAN setup by clicking on ADVANCED and then Setup
  •   Under Address Reservation, click Add
  •   Input the IP address, MAC address, and the Device name
  •   Click Add to save the information